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Did you know that women and minorities represent a majority of the individuals entering into today's workforce?

Today more than ever, employers are serious about their workplace reflecting the demographics of their community and market base. As the nation’s population becomes more ethnically and racially diverse, building a diverse workforce is not only becoming an expectation, but also a strategy that makes good business sense. It has also been proven that diversity in the workforce can also improve employee morale, productivity, and retention. Furthermore, a diverse workforce brings substantial potential benefits such as better decision making and improved problem solving, greater creativity and innovation, which leads to enhanced product development, increased profits and more successful marketing to different types of customers. Finally, diversity also provides employers with the ability to compete in global markets.

A diverse workforce is not just about preventing unfair employment discrimination and improving equality, but also about valuing differences and inclusion, such as ethnicity, age, race, culture, sexual orientation, physical disability, and religious belief. A diverse workforce must be a part of an organization’s way of life and not considered as just another program or initiative.

However, building and recruiting a diverse workforce can be a huge challenge for many employers. Diverse Business Solutions is committed to helping your organization tackle these hurdles through our unique “Diverse Job Board”. The DBS “Diverse Job Board” serves as a link between employers and diverse candidates seeking employment within a diverse workforce.

Submitting job opportunities to our “Diverse Job Board” is  economical, effective, and a perfect way to reach a diverse applicant base. To submit a job posting, download and complete the employer job listing form, along with your method of payment, and email to

Current Internships
Sweet Poppins, a retail provider of gourmet flavored popcorn, is currently seeking an intern to who is comfortable contacting businesses, groups, and organizations and telling them about our gourmet popcorn and fund-raising program. The intern MUST have excellent speaking/communication skills, be organized, have a pleasant phone demeanor, and strong customer service skills. The intern will also be setting appointments for the owner to meet with businesses and groups interested in the product. Hours are flexible along with the opportunity to work from home. For more information regarding this opportunity, contact 765-452-1566. 

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