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Company Overview

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Did you know that having a corporate supplier diversity program in place has never been as important as it is today?

Diverse Business Solutions LLC (“DBS”) was established in 2011 with one simple goal: to redefine the supplier diversity industry. Our vision is to provide a platform of client-focused, value-added services and products to the supplier diversity industry without membership requirements or restrictions. In addition, Diverse Business Solutions is unique in the fact that we are inclusive of all diverse businesses unlike other membership organizations.

Diverse Business Solutions understands the needs of our corporate and diverse business clients. In fact, many of our products and services have been designed around you! So, whether you utilize us as a one-time or long-term client, you will find that Diverse Business Solutions is cost effective and our customer service is second-to-none.

DBS operates 2 Indiana offices-Indianapolis and Evansville, Indiana. For further information on our company, products, or services, email us at

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